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the best jazz band songs and retro world jazz and also retro music and contemporary jazz.
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private performance at corporate parties and other venues New York City and Jazz Clubs.Samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.Hyde Park Jazz Festival 2014Hyde Park Jazz Festival Chicago, IL September 28-29, 2014The good folks at the
Hyde Park Jazz Festival have a problem. Now in it’s eight edition, the two day
affair has attracted throngs of intelligent jazz listeners and too many “must see” jazz acts.
This year`s festival held September 28-29 featured 40 performances divided between
two Midway Plaisance outside stages and ten visually stunning buildings on the
University of Chicago campus. Planning which bands to catch where took an advance degree
in logistics and strategic planning.
Patience and the acceptance of opportunities missed
were also required. Jazz!!!Jazz Club!!!This is nyc jazz events.
The music was divided between large crowd pleasing statements like Houston Person’s Quartet,
Etienne Charles & Creole Soul and the more intimate performances such as vibraphonist Justefan
(aka Justin Thomas) duos with bassist Tim Ipsen. The latter duo performed
to a limited audience of just 60 listeners inside the Robie House,
which like Western Pennsylvania’s Falling Water is a famous private residence designed
by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Waiting for admission to catch the duo meant that you might
have to forgo another act. Jazz!!!Jazz Club!!!
DODO ORCHESTRA and Jazz Clubs York Jazz.Samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.
Jazz might be the stupidest thing anyone ever came up with. The band starts a song, but then everything falls apart and the musicians just play whatever they want for as long they can stand it.I really don`t know why I keep doing this. Inertia, I guess. Once you get stuck in a rut, it`s difficult to pull yourself out, even if you hate every minute of it. Maybe I`m just a coward.I hate music. I wasted my life.

In his streamed web interview with “Jazz Video Guy” Bret Primack, Rollins stated that he initially thought the article was akin to something he`d find in Mad Magazine, to which,
he said, he subscribes.
But subsequently, he said, he felt hurt by the article as it began to be taken seriously by some.
Following are excerpts from the Rollins webcast.
Please note that some of these statements have been paraphrased or truncated.

Music is something we are lucky to have and now we`re saying don`t listen to jazz music.
False. People love jazz all over the world. Music schools are filled with young students.
Why? Because there`s something about jazz the spirit of it makes people feel good.
When I started playing jazz and reading jazz magazines every five or 10 years there`d be an article,
jazz is dead. Next 10 years, jazz is dead. So they`ve been trying to kill jazz and the people
that wrote this article are trying to kill jazz.
But you can`t kill spirit.Samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.
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DODO ORCHESTRA plays the best jazz band songs and retro world jazz and also retro music and contemporary jazz.
Dodo is very popular Live band in NYC and is one the best jazz groups in New York city.
They are performing originality jazz music of the French,
German, Italian and Russian retro on jazz concerts NYC.
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