Jazz bands

Jazz (English. Jazz) – a unique and original direction of world music that originated in the United States in the XIX – XX centuries. Jazz music combined the musical features and traditions of different cultures and peoples. Initially, jazz is characterized by improvisation, polyrhythm, based on the syncopated rhythms, and a specific set of methods of execution rhythmic textures – swing.Samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.

Jazz is one of the most democratic phenomena in music. Probably, this allows you to integrate democracy and jazz band at almost any special event. Track and improvised music, which does not carry the complex emotional content and drama, unlike other genres of music can be easy and background, and music for dancing, and colorful live show.

Among the singers, men standing (regardless of Louis Armstrong) as at the origins of jazz vocal and popular music of America as a whole, in the first place should be called the great “krunera” Bing Crosby (1904-1977) – of course, the most famous singer of the country with late 20’s to the end of the 70s, the first But the 40s on a noble pedestal his glory significantly outpaced the then young Frank Sinatra (1915-1998), nicknamed “The Voice”, an era which lasted until his 80-year-old anniversary.Samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.

It was really an outstanding singer, who set new standards of modern vocal. The best jazz bands music uplifted to heaven. A truly unique personality, both in jazz and popular music in the Negro was a pianist and singer Nat “King” Cole (1917-1965), whose daughter Natalie Koul has now become a well-known singer with its own rewards. Worldwide sign and Ray Charles (1932-2004) as a performer rhythm & blues, gospel, country, soul, jazz and of favorite songs, pianist, organist and vocalist, summer of 1994, went on tour in Moscow. And as the incomparable vocalist for many years remained Joe Williams (1918-1999), artist of modern blues and jazz standards, mostly with Count Basie Orchestra.Samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.