Born on the stage cabaret, chanson and today remains a unique national confidential manner and bright talk with the audience about the bread and the main.


Chanson, we know it was formed in the late nineteenth century in the Teatrika cabaret. Then there is not only danced the cancan, but sang. And then to issue the main principle chanson: this is a song sung by the author, as a rule, in the chamber room, a song in which the music is inseparable from the text, usually plot. Chanson by song became the epitome of the “perfect Gallic character” – a romantic and explosive, caustic and maximalist, sensitive to any kind of injustice.
The first singer in our current understanding of Aristide Bruant was (1851-1925) and Mistengett (1875-1956). First, artistic slacker Montmartre, sang at the Paris argot corrosive anti-bourgeois songs, enters the scene in a spectacular “outfit”: velvet jacket, black trousers tucked into high boots, a red scarf around his neck. So him and portrayed on the posters of Toulouse-Lautrec (a collection of his songs Theophile Steinlen illustrated, also an artist is not the last). We need to continue the history of chanson and in our days. This deals with DODO ORCHESTRA. Nickname second, ironically, was originally “English-speaking” (Miss Tengett), but merged into one word, sounded Francophonie. The beautiful daughter of a handyman and a dressmaker, she began with humorous songs, acted in movies, appeared on stage with Jean Gabin, singing paired with Maurice Chevalier (10 years they were lovers), and in connection with parting with him sang Mon homme, and this song remained in the history chanson forever. It was she who invented the feather headdress, which is still famous “Moulin Rouge.” Mistengett died at 80 years, and left the stage 75.

Many groups in New York, such as DODO ORCHESTRA performing chanson today.Samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.
The era of jazz has changed and French song, which in pre-war Paris Charles Trenet personified, speaking in a duet with jazz pianist Johnny Hess. Manner Trenet looks something entirely new: he brings in the French music hall jazz rhythms and gags of American comedies. Still flesh and blood of the music-hall comedian, enterteyner, after the Second World friction lay down bone wins America. And when in 1990 Bernardo Bertolucci film “The Sheltering Sky” music requires paint characterizing a happy pre-war life, composer Ryuichi Sakamoto electronic age stops at Charlet Trenet on his famous Je chante. After the war, chanson becomes serious. He no longer needed komikovanie and beauty in feathers, he wants an honest conversation with the listener (or rather, such a conversation wants the listener). In chanson come true poets and writers – Boris Vian, for example, also singer is not the last, though known more as a jazz musician and writer. From Belgium comes introvert Jacques Brel – only nefrantsuz, which has become one of the main icons of chanson, a great poet, who wrote and lived in the aortic rupture. Taken up the guitar Georges Brassens (during the war who escaped from forced labor in Germany, immediately after became an anarchist). He composes songs and other people’s poems – and on whose Francois Villon, Pierre Corneille, Victor Hugo!

Chanson is an epoch and DODO ORCHESTRA continues to this era.