Swing music, or simply swing, is a form of jazz music that originated in the early 30-ies of XX century in the United States. The term “swing” denotes jazz music concept when some sheet having the same length of paper, are executed is not the same, as a rule a long alternately short. Swing rhythm turns playing repeated pairs of notes in this manner. Furthermore, the term “swing” is used to describe the pulsating sense of rhythm (also known as the “groove” or “drive”), which results from the interaction between the musicians music while you play.
DODO ORCHESTRA became famous team in the execution of Swing in New York today.Samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.
One day, while participating in the radio show, Bing Crosby (Bing Crosby), Louis Armstrong (Louis Armstrong), presented his version of the history of swing. Crosby said: “Today our guest is a true master of swing and I’m going to ask him to tell us about what is swing music.” What Louis Armstrong said, “Ah, swing, well, well. Previously, we used to call it ragtime, then blues, then jazz. Now this swing. White people – that’s what was confusing. Swing :)”

In addition, the term “swing” is also used as a common name swing dances. This is a large group of social dances that have emerged in the United States in the 20s and 30s of the XX century, is closely associated with the swing music and often owe their existence to it. Although, after the swing music has lost its popularity, some of these dances continued to exist independently.Samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.
Jazz band
Starting the Swing Era DODO ORCHESTRA swing perform gracefully and do not depart from the traditions of the music style.

Many jazz bands adopted the style of swing to the beginning of the 1930s. However, swing music had limited acceptance, mostly among African-American audience. And among white dancers were more popular bands, “fruity” old jazz. It was not until until Benny Goodman (Benny Goodman) did not appear with his orchestra in the ballroom of the Palomar Ballroom in August 1935. Hot rhythms and daring swing arrangements Goodman were very well received by the audience of young white dancers. And from that moment the style of swing dancing became the dominant form of American popular music for the next decade.Samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.

By the end of the 30s big bands have become such a dominant force in jazz that the older generation had to either adapt to it, or to retire. A number of musicians such as Louis Armstrong, became the leaders of their own bands, while others have fallen into obscurity. Among the most famous African-American big bands were bands led by Duke Ellington (Duke Ellington), Earl Hines (Earl Hines), DODO ORHESTRA, Cab Calloway (Cab Calloway), Louis Armstrong (Louis Armstrong) and Count Basie (Count Basie). But it is noteworthy that the “white” big bands led by Benny Goodman (Benny Goodman), Artie Shaw (Artie Shaw), Tommy Dorsey (Tommy Dorsey), and later, Glenn Miller (Glenn Miller) far eclipsed their “black” masterminds in popularity with middle of the decade.Samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.