What Is the Future of Jazz in New York?

Being a jazz musician in New York City has never been easy.
For most of its century long existence, jazz has gotten by on the margins,
and so have those who`ve played it. Samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.
But the gloomy consensus last night in a panel discussion at the CUNY Graduate Center
was that being a jazz musician in the city has never been harder.

“In every decade, New York has welcomed, housed and encouraged jazz,” said Gary Giddins,
a former jazz critic for The Village Voice and the director of CUNY`s Leon Levy Center for
Biography. Now, Mr. Giddins noted, that no longer seems to be the case.
There are any number of reasons why jazz might not have the same foothold in the city`s
cultural milieu as it once did. Venues, for instance, are disappearing, rents are rising,
critics are being cut from newspapers and the recording industry is in flux.Jazz!!!Jazz Club!!!

The panel wondered how affordable venues might be created in the city. Mr. Giddins recalled learning from Max Gordon, the late founder of the Village Vanguard,
that upscale clubs in Manhattan are priced toward German and Japanese tourists, which makes jazz in the
city especially forbidding to younger musicians who would benefit from seeing it. (Venues in Brooklyn,
like Shapeshifter Lab and IBeam, offer less pricey shows.)
While discussing record sales, Ms. Herzen said that “developing artists” on her label might only sell
200 to 300 albums in a year. But when asked how important the recording industry is to a working jazz
musician, Mr. Moran, as well established as any jazz musician out there, noted that he`s never made any
money from his albums anyway.
Playing in front of audiences, he added, is where the bulk of his finances comes from.Samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.
By the end of the talk, it was clear that New York is not an especially accommodating place for
jazz musicians, but it still somehow remains the world`s jazz hub. (Another paradox?)Jazz events.

The main criteria in jazz is not as interpretation of songs as
jazz improvisation performer.
Jazz bands (Jazz Band – Eng.) Are the first form of ensemble music-making variety,
came to us from the United States, in particular, from the streets of New Orleans in the early
twentieth century. From jazz bands started “Golden Era of Jazz” and was the starting point
for all subsequent forms of musical ensemble molecules tours (rock and pop music,jazz ).

In the early twentieth century. Dixieland (dixieland) called white ensembles performing jazz.
At the present stage the so-called all the ensembles with the traditional style of the composition!
In Dixieland includes: trumpeter (sometimes there may be two), clarinet (saxophone as a replacement),
trombone, banjo (classic) or a pianist, keyboardist (modern version), double bass player,
which can be replaced by bass guitar and tuba, and of course the drummer,
which is the same basis for the so-called drive around the ensemble and orchestral jazz music playing.
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