Best jazz band songs

DODO ORCHESTRA created to bring together musicians playing good old Dixieland style. They say that Dixieland “dead” – it’s not true. Our best jazz band songs pleases people this style. He is known and loved not only lovers of jazz, but also untrained listener. This is the only style that is clear and to the child and an elderly man. This is one of the best jazz band songs in NYC. Musician and inspirer Dmitry Sokolovsky, addictive Jazz 20 years, with his supporters and a wide range of professional musicians, organized DODO ORCHESTRA.

Many years of collective acts across America. Pleases a different audience with his performance. In the team plays music for every mood. Executed retro songs in different languages​​. Popular songs in French and Spanish! The audience loves the team and believes his best jazz band songs.
Team is ready to serve wherever there is a pleasant listener! For the sake of such and created DODO ORCHESTRA. Retro style is that the listener must be our time! It’s the beauty of instrumental music. Sound captivates the ear and takes captive the imagination of the listener. This is the most important thing in the best jazz band songs at this time.

Also they playing samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.

New York is full of wonderful experiences. DODO ORCHESTRA will show you another charm of NYC.