History Jazz

DODO ORCHESTRA Jazz began in 2011, inspired by an idea to assemble a band made up of top flight
professional musicians who love their work and are dedicated to performing at the highest level
for fund raising galas, corporate events, and private parties.York Jazz.

The band focuses on four fundamental principles:
To specialize in traditional jazz, swing, blues,retro music,retro world jazz and contemporary jazz.
Also they playing samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango.
To concentrate on playing for clients who expect our music to contribute to their events success.
To be able tailor the bands size and style to the needs of each client without sacrificing musical quality.
To draw from a core of respected musicians who adhere to the highest quality, performance, and professional standards.
It took almost a year to decide on a name, accumulate arrangements, and identify the musicians that appeared to be the right fit for the bands objectives. The band made its official debut in January, 2007, at the Minneapolis/Bloomington Hiltons American Ballroom.
The group has steadily gained momentum, playing high visibility corporate and fund raising gala events at country clubs, hotels, and special event locations around the Twin Cities, as well as private parties in homes and smaller venues.

Keep checking this section of the web site.York Jazz.
We`ll give you updates about where the band is playing, as well as keep you informed about where our musicians
are appearing around the Twin Cities individually,
as well as with other musical groups.

With over 900 arrangements, we can`t begin to list everything here.
Just know that we span the generations and styles and will work with you to put
together the right play list, and the right energy levels for your occasion. York Jazz.
Our approach can vary depending upon the role you want us to take,
from smooth background to high energy and featured entertainment, and everything in between.

DODO Jazz is new york city jazz bands
Interested in hiring a professional Jazz Band? Then you`re in the right place!York Jazz!Jazz Club!
DODO Jazz can play best performer jazz band songs, retro music and retro world jazz, samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango at any event:
weddings, birthdays, corporate functions, and more.
Book now with the best in the New York City, NY area,York Jazz,Jazz Club

Working With Us

York Jazz. We are committed to giving our clients the level
of personal attention that guarantees the best entertainment outcome possible for their event.
Following is a general description of our approach.
DODO ORCHESTRA plays the best jazz band songs and retro world jazz and also retro music and contemporary jazz.
Dodo is very popular in Live band NYC and is one the best jazz groups in new york city.
They are performing originality jazz music of the French,
German, Italian and Russian retro on jazz concerts nyc.
Their performances always is nyc jazz events. Jazz!!!Jazz Club!!!

Ideally, we like to begin with an initial telephone conversation to determine if we play the style of music that you want for your event and then if we`re available on your date. If there is a music “fit” and we are available, we`ll gather enough information to provide you with a written fee quote that includes a description of your expectations for the band and the music we`ll provide.
When the decision is made to hire us, we`ll require that a contract be signed, and a small deposit made so that we hold your date. At that point, we
ll work with you to set a date to hold a face-to-face meeting with you, your venue manager, event planner, caterer, and anyone else involved with the planning process.
We will do everything possible to be certain there are No Surprises, for you or us, on the day of your event.
The initial conversation to understand your music needs, determine our availability, and gather basic information to prepare our quote should take no more than 30 minutes. Our fee quote will be prepared and sent to you within 72 hours of our initial fact gathering.
Contacting us is easy. Simply click on the link to send us an email, or call our manager.York Jazz.Jazz Club.

DODO ORCHESTRA is a unique retro-world-jazz ensemble that has enchanted audiences with their vivacious energy and a refined repertoire. This NYC-based miniature orchestra is composed of young and talented musicians of the new generation who are everything that is New York — sophistication, cosmopolitanism and the never-ending party. Inspired by beats and sounds from all over the world and moved by the timeless appeal of the bygone era, DODO embarks upon crossing times and places, performing with effortless originality gems of the French, German, Italian and Russian retro,samba, Brazilian music, tango, argentine tango. With bold flair we fuse tango and samba, swing and chanson, balkanica and reggae, creating a delicious urban cocktail.

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  1. “Serious musicians playing seriously fun music. Infectious grooves, sultry vocals, lush accordion: Do-Do orchestra does it all. They are Musician’s musicians, and at the same time the most engaging entertainers..!”
    – Peter Karl, Recording Engineer/Producer

    “Dodo Orchestra transport listeners to another time and place. Old world sensibilities, with a sincere and heartfelt nod to cabaret, combined with expert musicianship, will transform any environment for the better.”
    – Jim Thomson, Electric Cowbell Records

    “Sultry, worldly, sensual, undulating, rhythmically enticing––the DODO Orchestra captures your mind and heart and draws you into a world apart––a world you’re longing for––and in their company you attain it. With their Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, globally transporting sound, you’ll want to forever remain lost in their embrace.”
    – Ellen Kaye, Moscow57 Entertainment